Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hot enough to fry an egg

Hot enough to fry an egg
Originally uploaded by Pockafwye
Its so hot in Portland right now. It was over 90degrees last night at midnight!!! Its supposed to get up to 106 today. Wha?!

I was having some crazy dream as I was waking up this morning in this heat. In the dream I was frustrated because evidently I was going to Thailand but I couldn't find my tickets and I wasn't packed and I was leaving in the morning but I didn't know when and then I finally woke up as I was searching all email and regular mail thinking "maybe I didn't buy the tickets?" Then I woke up all sweaty and frustrated. Promptly took a cold shower and now I feel a bit better. This heat is getting to me.

I dunno about you, but in my dreams I am usually on vacation. Seriously, the dreams I remember are almost always set in hotels or boats or beaches or something of the sort. I like to think that in my alternate reality I am perpetually on vacation. Can't complain :)

Okay - so its hot. I am thinking about jumping in the car and driving out to the beach where its considerably cooler and staying there for the day.

What do you dream about?

PS. this picture is by Pockafwye on Flickr... I thought about doing the same thing myself this morning (cook an egg and then take a picture of it out on the sidewalk... but then I reconsidered (its too hot) and found this lovely shot :)


Purplebears said...

My most frequent dreams involve highways, roads, etc. I'm often driving in my dreams. Come to think of it, I go to the grocery store a lot in my dreams (which is ironic - because I don't do the grocery shopping in our family).

rosebud101 said...

Wow! Interesting dreams. I don't remember my dreams often, but when I do, they are awesome!

aimee said...

Last night, I dreamed that I was arrested for shoplifting my own clothes. Stupid dream police! They were my clothes, I just had them in a bag! ;)