Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Holiday Production

I'd like to give a big shout out to my assistant Aimee. She is a good friend and damn good help! Especially after being sick with da flu for 2 weeks I was overwhelmed in the need for production. Holiday shows demand lots and lots of extra inventory. I am so fortunate to have good help.

Creating things en mass continues in the Garden of Leah. Today it was studio time making lots of glass bits with Aimee, prep-work for mass kiln firing. Tomorrow its sorting, cleaning and wire bending. Thursday is cooking and indulging. Friday its back to work :) Saturday I'll be at the market and it looks like we might get good weather for the big weekend!

Local Portlanders - do come out and shop at the Portland Saturday Market this weekend!!! Please! Its such a great place to shop for holiday gifts and the artists could really use your financial help. Many of the booths got blown down and destroyed last weekend. Seriously 40-50booths got tossed by wind gusts last Saturday night and many of the structures were broken. No artwork was lost, but many vendors lost their booths and display structures. Personally I had taken my booth down on Saturday night after vending, I wasn't interested in selling on Sunday, it was just too darned cold this weekend. But I stopped down on Sunday morning to sign out (I had forgotten the day before) and do some volunteer duty... and the site I arrived to was such a mess of destruction and chaos. I have never seen so many booths destroyed. If there was ever a time to come and spend money down at the PSM - this is it!!!

And I cannot tell you how much it would mean to me if you gave your friends or family a mobile for the holidays. They will love it! And your purchases make a big difference in my little life.

Hey if you can't afford a mobile - how about a little craft mobile making kit for a great gift for only $20!

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aimee said...

Awwwww shucks. *blush* I'm happy to help... it gives me hours and hours of fun hangout time with you! (And I get the added benefit of playing with glass!)