Sunday, November 8, 2009

the view this morning...

Its cold and raining outside. I am not vending at the Portland Saturday Market this weekend. Instead I have been hiding out at home and in the studio getting stuff done. For real, this extra time is great for banging out the to-do list.

The kitty outside is looking very fat and fluffy lately. He's happy this morning, getting lots of neck scratches and a big breakfast.

I've been cooking - I bought a big white pumpkin to make pie with, I had heard "ghost pumpkins" make great pie... the one I bought at the farmers market was 10lbs so I have to make lots of pumpkin stuff now. First I made 2 pies (they were delicious!) one normal pumpkin pie and one chocolate pumpkin number - I highly recommend the chocolate pumpkin pie. And then yesturday I made a pumpkin beef beer stew. This was great as well, very flavorful with the hoppy beer Tim likes. Today I am going to make another pie and I thought I'd try putting pumpkin in spaghetti sauce - why not! The white pumpkin is really good, its very buttery and flavorful. I just have too much of it.

These are some circles and whatnot hanging from my back covered porch.

This is the view out my bedroom window... the birdfeeder is empty now, the outdoor kitty likes to kill the cute little birds, so I feel guilty stocking the feeder and luring them in for the kill.
Hope you are enjoying this rainy weekend.

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