Tuesday, November 3, 2009

O-Rings and my new magnetic tray

A few weeks ago there was a big sale at Harbor Freight... I bought this magnetic bowl for something like $1.50. It was such a crazy deal and I like the idea of it. Today I was opening o-rings... one of the duller tasks required of my work... I use these little tiny o-rings in my mini mobiles and its much more convenient when they are open and ready - so I occasionally sit around with two little pairs of pliers and a pile of these freshly cut o-rings and I open them. Its exciting. Today I used this magnetic tray. I can sculpt with the magnetized o-rings, which is pretty neat - they defy gravity now. Although now these two little pliers are magnetized and its impossible to let go of the little o-rings when they get stuck to the tip of the pliers. Ah well.

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