Saturday, November 14, 2009

taking down my booth in the dark...

Today was the first day this year that I've had to take down my booth at the Portland Saturday Market in the dark. The sun sets so early here in the winter. I like how the booths look all lit up in the dark. So I wanted to share a few pictures :)
Seems the sun is setting around 4:30pm now. The market closes at 5pm - so we get to take down in the dark!
Here's a picture of my booth once I've taken everything down, all I have left to do is put that one pile of tubs (in the middle of the booth) in my car and unplug my lights. I am vending again tomorrow, and we have security at night, so the physical structure of my booth stays put overnight.
Here's what it looked like this morning, it was sorta foggy, but then it turned into a beautiful fall day. Not a drop of rain, that was wonderful!
There's a group of Canadian geese hanging out in Waterfront Park lately... they look beautiful against the greens and reds of the fall foliage. I think they eat breakfast on the lawn in the morning. I had to take some pictures, there are more on my flickr account.Oh and whats up with this random Santa sighting? I actually stopped them and tried to ask what they were up to, no real results from that inquiry. It was not a pub crawl (although they were certainly drunk, rather clean though I must add) and not anything organized (although they were indeed all in matching santa outfits, way tooo early for xmas). One of the Santas had a cardboard sign that said "will Ho for booze" and in the moment I stopped to question them there were two homeless men serenading them with the "here comes santa claus" song. All around, an odd encounter.


Erin said...

love the pictures... they almost made me want to vend tomorrow!

Leah said...

key word: almost


Naomi said...

I miss Portland! Nice pics! Hope it was a good day:)