Monday, November 30, 2009

Outdoor Market in the Winter?

I found this picture in my booth last weekend - I thought it'd be funny to share what I look like all wrapped up in layers

It gets cold in Portland by December, not crazy cold (just sorta in the 40s) and no snow (just rain), but cold enough to make you wonder who the crazy artists are that are selling their work at an outdoor market.

There are techniques: heaters (no plug in units because they use too much electricity so we use the ones that hook up to tanks of gas), the little hand warmers (you know the things you put in your pockets that heat up from a chemical reaction), heat pads to sit on (like small electric blankets - in fact some vendors bring down electric blankets - although again we have electricity rules: each vendor is only allowed to consume so much juice and between the extra lighting and holiday twinkling lights we already use more power per booth in the winter, the plug-in heaters are really not so much the best thing to use down there) and then there are the other normal strategies of layering longjohns, turtlnecks, sweaters and jackets, mittens, wool socks, warm boots, hats and scarves. We may look silly all wrapped up in layers - but thousands of shoppers come out to do their holiday shopping at the Portland Saturday Market. So we are there.


Curly Girl Glass said...

Three layers on the bottom,five layers on top (3 of which are wool), scarf, hat, gloves, boots, a heating pad to keep my butt warm, and the continuing thought that I'm an idiot to be standing out in the cold!
But *you* look cute!

rosebud101 said...

Oh, my, that does sound cold, but it also sounds like a great venue for selling!