Friday, November 6, 2009

Playing Catch-Up

This week I have been running around busy. Whew - nothing like trying to make up for lost time. Errand running, studio work and a lot of cleaning around the house was all packed in with a rescheduled class and a printing session with Jan. Oh and emails that took me hours to get thru... did I mention the shipping marathon, yeah. I'm a little backed up. But surviving.
I didn't take many pictures at all this week... thus the lack of blogging... but today I took my camera to the studio and took a few shots (shown above). A kiln-load of printed glass (soon to be plates - I love the 3 birds) that Jan and I made on Wed - we were busy! We're trying to print a bunch of glass to have for the holiday season... Then Thursday Aimee and I cut 2 zillion wires (I made a new jig that is so very exciting to me - I will blog about that later) and she bent me hundreds of U shaped hooks... no pictures of this but you can see me using some of those U-hooks with glass circles today...

I had a little bit o' fun with the Picassa collage program, making the collage of the pictures from today... then I made another collage of pictures from the Japanese Garden a few weeks ago. I like Picassa... I started using it because that's how my dad shares his photography with me. Its free and easy to use. I recently discovered the collage part of the software.

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nancyturtle said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better. I also love the birds-Are you going to be selling them soon?