Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Repetitive Circle Cutting

This is for Michelle - you asked for it! :)

I post so many pictures of all my circle cutting... my friend Shoozles on Etsy asked to see a video... so here it is. My apologies - its a bit boring (but I sped it up so the video is about 5min)

this video is not a tutorial - my technique is my own and I take no responsibility for people hurting themselves doing silly things - kids don't try this at home :)


Curly Girl Glass said...

This is so freaking cute! I love the music you used too.

rosebud101 said...


Leah said...

Judi I am glad you like it!! It kinda makes me laugh - I find it funny that I don't smile much at all the whole time and I didn't say anything :) The studio was empty, but Scott and Don were talking at the front door... I used a tripod and I wanted to sorta talk while I did it (kinda Julia Child style) but I was too awkward in the moment to will myself to talk to a tri-pod in an empty room.

Robin said...

Double WOW, Now I get it. You made it look so simple. Thank you.
Thank you & Thank you.

Shoozles said...

You are brilliant!thanks Leah for showing me. You are so cute and your studio is awesome too.