Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Buy Yourself Gifts

Why not!? You know your own taste better than anyone else!

Whats that saying... The best gifts you receive you buy for yourself. :) I don't know if that is true in my life, but I certainly enjoy splurging on myself.

I thought I'd share some pictures of things I bought myself this year during all this holiday gift-giving season and encourage everyone to buy themselves a gift.
a widget kinetic toy from Kikkeland - I found this at the Seattle Art Museum. It makes sparks and I like the wind up mechanism (its the metal coil, you twist a crank and the metal coil tightens).
a scrarf with pockets in it and orange fabric with Mariachi figures from my friend Merrit. Its awesome, there is chapstick in one pocket already, the blue is very very soft. I picked up this gem at Crafty Wonderland from PDX Softgoods. Did I mention it has pockets! Awesomeness.

a hoodie from Cretin, one of my favorite artists at the Portland Saturday Market. I don't have a picture of this... I am wearing it right now, its wonderful.
a bag from Appetite - printed with parsley (I love parsley. very much) and it has a pocket perfect for my new sig waterbottle (its a HelloKitty waterbottle! Thanks Scott!). I picked up this wonderful new handmade purse at the Portland Saturday Market.
and one last goodie: stripped Cronert stockings from the cute boutique Sofia on NE Fremont.

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