Monday, February 9, 2009

Earring Images

I feel like a broken record about the images of earrings lately - but here I go again!

The other night it was really late and somehow the topic of QVC came up (Tim's grandmother is a big fan of collecting jewelry off that show). So I found that channel on TV and watched as they sold out of a couple of collections. I became curious how they photograph their earrings (hey they certainly are selling them!) and on their website it seems they use a zero white background with the two earrings on a diagonal. Clean and simple, so I Photoshoped one of my earring images to try out this look. It was pretty easy, the earrings were photographed hanging from clear fishing line, so I simply highlighted one of them and dragged in up in the frame. A little recropping so the earrings were centered again and Voila.

I still have more creative ideas for photographing these puppies (still yet to try them in water and on top of bubbly glass - but I won't have time till tomorrow to try these ideas out). At this point I have plenty of decent images to start listing them in my shop, so if you like them and want some for yourself or your valentine - I will have them in my Etsy shop asap.

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