Sunday, February 8, 2009

the Oregon Coast

It was a windy day at the Oregon coast! I love watching the grasses blow in the wind and the sand whip down the beach. Sorta painful, but beautiful all the same.

It was due time for an excursion, so today Tim and I hit the beach. I love me an impromptu adventure.
We tried to fly a kite (one must always have a kite ready in the car - when we bought the new car that was one of the things I had to transfer from old car to new: the handy kite, my GPS and my car mobile of course, oh and a roadside assistance kit and window scraper thing). It was really windy :)

This was the first official impromptu adventure in the new car. I must admit I didn't drive at all. Pure bliss.

When we bought this car it had 7miles on it!! Now it has about 500. There will be many many more adventures to be had on those 4 wheels. I look forward to it.

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