Saturday, February 7, 2009

Pictures from Today

I thought it'd be fun to show some pictures I took today... it was such a nice sunny day in Portland! I visited with my friend Naomi at Splurge in NE Portland.
Naomi suggested I try photographing my new earrings by hanging them from invisible string (nice idea! courtesy of our friend Kim the professional photographer who takes amazing shots of Naomi's work). So I did and its a brilliant idea.
Later I attended a bizness meeting at the studio. It was nice to see everyone and talk about how last year was a good year and this next year will be even better!!! Growth is good.
Back to taking pictures of earrings (cuz thats what I've been doing for 2 days straight now) I took more silly pictures. I am not sure I have gotten what I am looking for yet. These little tiny earrings are so delicious in person, I am trying to capture that fun-ness in a photo and its challenging.
Here they are, all washed up on a beach. I want to be on a beach wearing them :). Maybe I need to take a trip out to the Oregon Coast. Honestly its just a piece of paper from the craft store that has a beach shot on it, how funny is that!


Lisa said...

Before I saw your "beach" shot, I thought, I wonder if these earrings will float. And if so, what about a picture of them floating in water? If you get close enough, and the vessel is large enough, we won't even know that they're in water. Just that they're floating in "air".

If this is a stupid idea, just delete my comment. :O)

gemz said...

I can see you on the first pic through the small mirror in the back!

Nice shot of the earrings by the way. Did you 'shop the thread away?
It looks like they are floating...

Leah said...

Lisa that is a great idea! Floating in water, hmm I will have to try this! I dunno if they will float, but I could always use a shallow dish of water. I think the wetness might make them look really cool!

Naomi - I saw that too! I love how I am in the little round mirror :) And yeah, I did a little bitty PhotoShop action to take out a little reflection on the earwire (cuz I used a sorta thick clear fishing line and it reflected light) and I whitebalanced it to make the background super white.