Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New Glass Creations

After a couple months of experimenting, Jan and I are excited to be launching two new lines.

This weekend at the Portland Saturday Market these collaborative glass pieces will be available in our booths. There's nothing like seeing artwork in person to make you really love it!

In Jan's booth where you can find her beautiful prints and amazing hand-bound books, now you will be able to purchase printed glass plates. The image above shows a set of plates printed with leaves, food safe, dishwasher safe.

In my booth I will be showing our mobile creations, printed glass pieces in kinetic constructions. Its a wonderful evolution of my work. So far I have listed one of these mobiles online, but there are many more to see.
Jan has been so gracious about me blogging about our experimentation process, and she is going the extra mile now. As a paper artist at the Portland Saturday Market, creating and selling a new line of glass artwork requires her to submit this new product line to the Product Review Committee (of which I am a volunteer). She is going to let me publish pictures of this process in my blog for anyone who may be curious - so stay tuned and feel free to ask questions.


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aimee said...

All that work finally pays off! The plates are GORGEOUS.