Friday, February 20, 2009

PS. the fun story behind the picture

The picture I used in my post yesterday was an image taken while I was on vacation years ago down in Belize. Its a bar located on the very tip of a small Island, you could sit up on the rooftop of the bar and have a drink while appreciating the beautiful sunsets.

One day I rented a canoe with my friend Ian and we diddled around the Island. We easily cruised past this little bar as there was a very fast current whipping thru the space between the tip of the island and a patch of mangroves.

After hours of relaxing and fishing and whatnot, we attempted to return the boat to the rental place, which meant rowing back thru this current.

Attempt after attempt we would get about halfway and then be swung around by the current and spat back out. It was really exhausting. Ian was laughing and saying "canoeing is a homewrecker!" because I am sure he thought I wasn't paddling as hard as I could (which I was!).

Eventually we simply drove the boat up onto the sand and decided to take a break before trying again.

At this point that the people up on top of the bar came down and offered to buy us a drink. They were all riled up and giddy - a whole group of people had been watching our shenanigans in the water and placing bets on whether or not we were going to make it thru! Clearly someone had bet against us and won - but they made up for it by getting us a few drinks. We ended up having dinner with these people - after picking up the boat and walking it back to the rental place. And then a few months later, back in Portland, I received an email with a picture of Ian and I in that boat. I love both the picture of the bar and the picture of us in the boat, so I had to share the story with ya.



Curly Girl Glass said...

Thanks for the great story! It's times like that that make for the best travel memories in my opinion. Fun! Makes me really hungry for new adventures...

gemz said...

I need a vacation!