Monday, February 23, 2009

Portland Saturday Market Opens This Weekend

Come spend the day down on the Portland waterfront and welcome the Portland Saturday Market back for its 36th season!

The new site is not exactly finished yet... as you can tell from the picture above, the construction is still underway (when is construction ever finished on time?!). The new site is now scheduled to be open in April. But have no fear - the market will be open this weekend! We'll just be in the old setup, we will be there!

Come join us and get a chance to shop for all the fresh new designs that the Portland Saturday Market artists have been working on. New paintings, new jewelry lines, new clothing... how can you resist the fun!


Lashez said...

Good luck this weekend! This will be the 1st time in 7 years we won't be there opening weekend! We'll be hoping for great weather and even greater sales for you!

aimee said...

Holy crapcakes, already? Your vacation months went FAST.