Saturday, March 14, 2009

the Afternoon at the Portland Saturday Market

It was a cold cold cold rainy day at the PSM today. Whew. My heater ran out of fuel and my toe warmers only lasted 5 hours or so (thanks Maggie for the toe warmers!). It rained rained and rained some more.

But honestly it was a fun day. There were so many friendly faces and wonderful appreciative customers - Thank you!

Mid-afternoon the market became crowded with drunk people running around in themed costumes with decorated shopping carts filled with beer. They were on an urban race called the Idiot-a-rod. This is a play on the Alaskan Iditarod long distance dogsled race. Except Instead of dogs, it's people, instead of sleds, it's shopping carts, and instead of Alaska it's Portland Oregon.

As they ran past my booth I grabbed my handy-dandy camera and took some shots. It was pretty hilarious. I made the video above with my footage. I think it turned out really great!
Regardless, the race is always fun to watch and certainly a bright spot of my rainy cold day.

May I add - a lot of those people had to be cold as shizzy! Most of the outfits were tiny and revealing (what fun!) but they must have froze their butts off in the rain today!


LeaKarts said...

Ha! I love this town! I'm really sorry that I missed it.

gemz said...

Nice! I was looking for the speedo guys with the stripper pole!

Octavine Illustration said...

why is portland the best place to live, ever?

great post. i am glad i now have yet another reason to love pdx.