Friday, March 13, 2009

Baby Boy

I am a new auntie - okay, so I'm not actually blood related at all... but none the less I am a very proud Auntie - and officially his Mom and Dad gave me permission to share pictures of the brand new little man on my blog... I've been itching to scream it from the roof-tops so-to-speak... but hes not my child and I just didn't think that was right... but now that I have permission I had to share a few pictures! He was born last Tuesday (3-3-09)

His name is Orson - hes an absolute sweetheart, content and happy.

Here is a little video of him doing the infant thing,

you know, sleeping and making faces and such.

and here is a sweet shot of him yawning. He can do no wrong and I just want to take a million pictures of all his cute facial expressions.
I love being an auntie - and for the record: I am not tempted to have my own. Its much more fun playing with my loved-ones kids!


Keyamoni said...

Can you really feel that this little human will drive you crazy within a very short time.... Interesting, isn't it?

LeaKarts said...

Such a cutie pie!

Leah said...

he will always be amazing to me! its so grand being an Auntie to such a cute little man!

gemz said...

He's so darned cute! Love the pics!