Monday, March 16, 2009

Fun with Flickr Stats

green background 1

My friend Amanda tweeted recently about how she was having fun with Flickr Stats. I'm sleepy and feeling unproductive, so I went and peeked into my own Flickr Stats (love me some stats, and I especially like how Flickr presents ours...)

I was surprised to find the picture above has crept its way up to #1 viewed image in my flickr account.

Uploaded about a year ago, I was playing around with printed backgrounds. I titled this one "Green Background 1" and explained how I made the background in the description. Other testers that had the same exact title but neglected to explain my process have about 1/3 the views of this particle flickr file.

Its not really the most interesting or great image, but its process oriented and details are provided, the title is very straight-forward.

The stats say almost 90% of the views on this image come from search engines, ie people typing in "green background" and getting this image.

For a long time now the #1 viewed picture (which is now #2) is this sweet image: (most of the views of this image were direct traffic from websites as this was a promotional image I created for a show)
Trunk Show in Brooklyn!

I really enjoy using Flickr and I love the stats. Fun times with statistics always gets my brain humming.


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