Friday, March 20, 2009

Great Product Photography

Product photography... what can I say... its humbling.

I just thought it would be fun to pull out an example of good product photography - there is always an element of what kind of camera is used - but there are things we can do with our skillz as amateur photographers trying to sell our work online.
  • the background must make the colors of the item pop
  • the flow of the eye over the picture leads the viewer to the product
  • the message of the image should be crisp and clear, so it can be noticed on a busy page filled with other things
The picture above is really stunning. Danielle you really rocked out with this shot! I like the use of the flower (a good prop makes the picture pop) and the colors (the pink and green drew me to this product on an Etsy page) and the white background... its bright and eye catching and even though the flower pulls my eye to the picture, its the stitch markers that I end up focusing on. That's good flow.

I work on my own product photography quite a bit. Its very time consuming. However I find it completely interesting, the psychological and aesthetically aspects and all.


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