Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Snow Shoeing on Mt Hood

Yesterday was due time to take a day off.

heres the breakdown of my Tuesday weekend day off
-Pine State Biscuits for brunch
-drove up the mountain (new car's first trip up Mt. Hood - we took chains just in case, but we didn't need em)
-snow shoeing(there was so much fresh snow, and more fell as we wandered)
-the sun set and we drove home to have lasagna for dinner (re-heated home-made lasagna is always better than fresh)
-lastly my friend Corrie came over and gave me a massage

It was a blissful day... now I must work. My body feels relaxed and exercised and humming with happiness. Next Tuesday we are tempted to go snow shoeing again, this was the first time we've gone all winter (too much snow in town in December, the novelty factor had worn off) and now we want more before it all melts!

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