Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Finding Balance

As an artist that makes mobiles for a living, balance is a constant theme in my head. I am amused by the illusive nature of balance, and frequently stumped by the humbling nature of the beast.

I think about balance all the time. Its something of a theme in my life. Anyone who knows me knows that I make a LOT of mobiles.

Lets get this straight though - my life is far from perfect - but its pretty darned awesome. I make unconventional choices, seeking out what is good for me, not necessarily what works for someone else or what is expected of me. I embrace the idea of balance and live my life accordingly.

Leah's Top 10 Ways to Find Balance:
1. make art
2. do yoga
3. hang a mobile above my bed
4. work hard
5. take a day off each week
6. share with others
7. wear bright colors on gray days
8. keep a journal
9. laugh as much as possible
10. hang more mobiles

The mobile above my bed reminds me in the morning that balance can be beautiful. The mobiles in my living room accompany me and dance while I do yoga. The yoga is probably one of the best tools of balance in my life - the body needs exercise to be happy. And the mobiles in my garden keep my spirits bright and colorful, even in the fall and winter when natures color palette has become gray and wet. Glass is beautiful and captivating, and I like to be reminded of the pleasant side of life as frequently as possible. Seems to me like the real world can get incredibly depressing, the financial, political, socioeconomic global woes - there is a lot of pain out there in the world... but there is a lot of beauty as well. They go hand in hand. And that is the balance.



aimee said...

Yeah, I'm working on that balance thing... not so good at it lately, but that means I can only get better at it from here! :D

elric1911 said...

i ride a unicycle