Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sweet Necklace Made of Some Bits

My friend Aimee came over today wearing this wonderful necklace she created from my scrap mobile pieces. How great is that! I think the pendant looks like little buddies, and I love it, the little curlie of twist around the black cord... its precious. I am inspired by her creative use of these pieces.

And yes, Aimee came over wearing this necklace and I took it off her neck and put it in my photo setup so I could capture a few shots and share about it in the Garden of Leah. :) Isn't it beautiful!

1 comment:

aimee said...

I'm thrilled that you like it! I wore it over specifically so I could show it off to ya. ;) And now I'm going to wear it while I'm on vacation so I can show it off to others!!