Monday, January 5, 2009

Images on Glass IV

The printing images on glass experiments with my artist friend Jan resumed today. And we today added Copper Powder to the mix. You can see I wore a mask, and I used an exhaust hood right above the powder... protection is a must.

Its been a while since we've gotten to play... after a small hiatus due to weather and the holidays, we are starting back anew with new tests. My notes were pretty crappy on the early testing, so we never really could figure out how we achieved the results that we liked. So its sorta back to square one.

I did some tests with applying fine black powder to wet oil based copper/gold ink.

Jan mixed the oil based ink with a transparent white ink that we had been using, the transparent white is really weird stuff.
I am not sure if we will use any more of this transparent white, it made a huge mess and you can see in the picture if you zoom in that the white makes funny patterns on the transfer. In the end we chose to use the blue instead of the transparent white.

We did lots of testers with this copper powder that Jan bought. After printing onto the glass with the blue oil based ink I applied the powder to the wet ink. We used one block (the heart) that was very solid, and one black that was very detailed (a ginko leaf, not pictured here). I then applied a clean piece of clear glass on top of this for a fuse fuse fire.

Then we also did a batch where we mixed the copper powder in to the ink. And we did all of these copper tests twice, once with a -100 grade copper powder and again with a -325 grade copper powder. I am intrigued to see what the copper powder does. It may not be impressive, it may be really neat! It was fun stuff to work with too, I took some pictures of the patterns it was making:

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Palindrome said...

Hey Lea,
Art is something that is really completely out of the ordinary for me.. It is the flame that puts out the shame and heartache that my day went through. It is a beautiful thing. Yet at the same time it can mind boggle a soul into thinking something completely different. What I love bout art, is that you envision your own meaning behind the creativity of the art itself. Your imagination can take you many places and only in your imagination can you be in two happy places at once :)

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