Thursday, November 13, 2008

Images on Glass III

The experiments with printing on glass continue...

A lot of these samples I am slumping into molds to make them into "sandwich plates".

I will take better pictures of some then!

In the meantime, some interesting observations:

-when we mixed glass powder into the ink and then printed on the glass the print turned out splotchy, like the ink stuck to the glass and turn out splotchy

-when we dusted glass powder onto the ink print that had more glass powder mixed in the ink, it was as if the two did not mix! The glass powder on top didn't actually fuse into the glass

- lastly, and most importantly, we found an ink and a process that we like.
unfortunately my note taking skills the other day were somewhat lacking, left a little sumthin to be desired - so I it was hard to decipher the differences between all the samples...

However - hopefully by the end of November we will have some sample plates available for sale so we can see what prints people are attracted to purchase on glass.

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