Thursday, October 23, 2008

Art Hanging on My Walls

This is a painting my mother made of me back in 1992, I was 14. We were on vacation down in South Carolina at SeaBrook Island. My mother is an artist, and when I was young she worked mostly in water color. She painted a number of portraits of my brother and I, also our foreign exchange students were captured in portrait form as well. I love every single painting she has ever made of me. This is the only one that I own at the moment. She painted the red amaryllis as well.
I love reading other people's blogs - and I was reflecting about the things that I like to see and read. We are all voyeurs to a certain extent, and I thought it'd be fun to take pictures of the art that I have on my walls here in my home and share some of the stories that go with the pieces.
The piece above is a digital collage that my brother made. The dominant image is of our friend Alex DJing. My brother and I are both artists, he made a series of digital collages that are incredible and detailed. There are a few more around our home, as well as illustrations and paintings that the two of us have made over the years.

The truck painting is by my good friend Chris Bibby.

I have a lot of his work around the house. I adore his style and use of color, and the way his sense of humor comes thru in his work.

This building is by Bibby as well, its painted in reverse on the back of the glass in the frame.

I met Bibby at the Portland Saturday Market, there are many amazing artists down there that I have collected from over the years.

Michelle Purvis vends her artwork down at the PSM, she is a prolific painter and I admire her work greatly. I treasure my cube-trees that I got from her years ago.I have two pieces by Lolo (another PSM artist) hanging in my kitchen. Aren't they wonderful.

These colorful doors are by Verone Flood (also a PSM artist), I love how this piece looks with my colorful mobiles! I have a bunch of other photography by Verone, but this post could just go on and on and on...

So I will leave you with just this taste test.

And if you thought this was fun to read... maybe one day I'll try and take pictures of all the mobiles that are hanging around my house... (mobiles are such a pain to take pictures of... but I do have quite the collection... shocking eh?!)

If anyone that reads my blog would like to do the same... and share some stories/artwork that adorns your private life, I would love to read it!



Danielle said...

I like how the art work in your home is very connected to you....erm. You know all the people.

LeaKarts said...

I love this post, Leah! Collecting art can be so personal--it's great to hear your stories. I will have to do the same when I get a chance!

Leah said...

I look forward to reading it Lea!