Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Its all about the packaging

I love circular things, they make me smile.

I constantly am thinking about how I could improve my packaging. Good packaging really takes a product to the next level.

But these particular Chinese medicinal herbs really have gone the extra mile. These little black bee-bees are a way for the Traditional Chinese Doctor to prescribe herbs for their patients in a palatable form. The herbs taste like foot, so having them in a pill that can just be swallowed with no foul taste, is a wonderful relief from having to drink the herbs as a crazy nasty tea.

This week my doctor sent me home with these "Chicken Eggs" which are simply an elaborate way of packaging the bee-bee medicine pellets. There are 50 or so of these little bee-bees that I take each time, and they are all contained in a little plastic ball (one for each time I take them) and then the plastic ball is inside another plastic ball that is coated in wax and stamped with a gold symbol. To take the pills I have to crack open the wax and pry out the inner ball, open it up and dump the little bee-bees into my mouth.

Crazy eh? Is this the Chinese version of the child-proof-pill-container?

I had to share - the elaborate packaging really blows my mind.

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