Thursday, October 30, 2008

Taking a Hike in MacCleay Park

Much needed break time. Seriously, holiday prep makes me tired.

I checked out MacCleay Park this Wednesday. There's a beautiful hiking trail that put us right to the Audubon Society . We said hi to the birds. Ruby the Turkey Vulture here danced for us, although she didn't perform so nicely for the camera!

Theres an incredible old stone building about a mile out in the woods that was a bathroom, but in the 60's the plumbing was all messed up by trees falling down and up-rooting. Now the building is a skeleton of what it once was. There are ferns growing right out of the stones, its quite beautiful.I liked this park very much. There's a creek, the Balch creek, evidently the City of Portland's first water supply. We saw trout in the creek, they are a protected bunch the "Cutthroat Trout". Oh and there is a really really tall Douglas Fir in this park, supposedly the tallest in any American city, 241ft tall. It was huge and beautiful. And there is a beautiful bridge that runs over the park, with a red metal sculpture that kinda reminds me of Calder out in the grassy field.

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