Thursday, October 9, 2008

a Full Load

Today I monopolized the big kiln at Aquila (my gratitude goes out to the guys) and filled it with Christmas ornaments set on a tack fuse. I fuse the little bow to the tops of the little ornaments so that I can string a little bit of golden ribbon thru the bow that you can use to hang the ornament. The little bows are made out of coe 90 Bullseye glass using a torch.

I plan on taking pictures and starting to list these ornaments in my shop on Etsy asap.

In the picture below you can see an ornament left over from 2006. They are supposed to look like little "packages" so I call the different patterns "wrapping paper". I vary up the colors and whatnot, try different designs and themes. You can see all the little different colored bows in the plastic container waiting to be made into 2008 ornaments. The new wrapping paper this year will be snowflakes. I have also been making rainbow colored ornaments as well to use up scraps of color.


Danielle said...

I bow to the bow making.

I can't wait to see your present goodies.

Jan Reuther said...

Bow? WOW!

Leah said...

Thanks ladies!

I've gotta make more bows now :) The snowflake ornaments were popular at the market this weekend

Amanda said...

These are so great, and I gotta say, they look even better in person! :)