Monday, October 20, 2008

Halloween Costumes for Dogs

I get to see the cutest dogs - all weekend every weekend at the Portland Saturday Market. This little guy's name is Kai, he was dressed in a pumpkin costume. I had to take a picture, and he came running over to me when he realized I was taking a picture of him. Such a sweetheart.

I don't have a dog. No trouble for me - I get to absorb doggy cuteness every weekend at the market!

Having grown up with a pug (Mr. Puppers), I have a soft spot for pugs. And ooooh boy do I get to see some cute ones every weekend!

The PSM really is a dog owner hang-out spot. There are a few vendors who sell dog treats, dog beds and dog outfits... its also a friendly place to bring a sociable dog to get out and get a whole bunch of attention and be around other dogs and crowds of people. Once a year there is a "Doggie-Dash" which is the local dog oriented river-front race. Its crazy how many cute dogs are there. And they love the Saturday Market. There are soo many people with food around dropping little bits that they can eat. A lot of vendors put out little bowls of water for dogs to drink.

I don't know why I am sharing this, other than the fact that I liked this little dog Kai. He probably had his picture taken by 50 people by the time he left the market, and he loved all of it. You could tell he loved his outfit and all the attention it got him.

I swear I could make a blog that was just about weekend sitings of cute dogs down at the PSM. Seriously. Or maybe just cute pugs down at the PSM :)

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LeaKarts said...

He is so cute--I think I just squealed a little bit! :D