Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Etsy Tea Time this Thursday

This Thursday (tomorrow) Oct 9th 2008: I am hosting Tea Time out at the shop

If you have never been, Tea Time is a semi-regular Etsy tradition in my life. There is a blog that has the whole story as well as updates as to where the get-together is held.

If you are an artist that has been considering selling on Etsy, or you have just recently opened your shop, this is a prime chance to talk to people that have Etsy shops and get some tips and tricks. Feel free to bring laptops, there is wireless capability.

Its fun to have tea at the shop, we can talk about Etsy and our shops as well as chat glass and various how-to's in the glass studio.

Oh and its lunchtime - so if you want to bring lunch stuff, its a pot-luck affair. I'm planning on making potato-leek soup (hello Organics to Me!)


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