Monday, October 6, 2008


As I had a lot more free time than usual this weekend (no vending at the PSM, the rainy weather does not make for good outdoor vending in my opinion), I took a lot of walks and I went to the farmers market. I spent most of the weekend cleaning and working in the studio, but hey, it was a great weekend. Just now I was taking pictures off my camera and strangely, I did not take a lot of pictures over the weekend. This makes me sad, I like pictures. But what I did take, was purple. Inspiration? I am usually not that into purple (orange obsession runs deep) and its pumpkin time... but hey, these are great purple pictures.

PS. whats with organic eggplants that have noses? hm? did they lie about being organic :)


Lisa said...

I would have had to buy that one w/ the BIG nose, that looks like it's wearing a green toupee. And then tried to figure out how to preserve it, or take pictures and hang them.

Those are great!!! And I got my blog candy today, thanks so much!

Leah said...

yeah for blog candy!

I must say those eggplant were remarkable!!!

Curly Girl Glass said...

well, purple is the complimentary color to orange, so it sort of makes sense