Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Color Changing Glass

This is very interesting glass.

These two pictures are of the same glass mobile - the glass actually changes color based on the spectrum of light that is hitting it.

I call it chameleon glass, Bullseye Glass calls it "Rhubarb". This name refers to the pink and green tones that the glass shifts between.

The glass looks green when lit by florescent light, pink when lit by incandescent. Sometimes the pieces can look multi-colored. Its really interesting stuff.
I had a little mini mobile like this one hanging in my car for a while - it was incredible, the pieces reflected a lot of different colors. On a beautiful day the bottom edges of the shapes would reflect the blue sky and the horizon, the tops of the pieces would reflect the colors from the road and cars and buildings.

Movement and glass is such an awesome relationship that I attempt to display in my handmade mobiles, and this color of glass really takes things to the next level. I make two small mini mobiles out of scraps of this glass, and larger mobiles to really showcase the color.

Here are some links so you can check them out, if they say they are sold out, look in my shop an you may see I have made more!

Large Champagne Circles
Mini Mobile
Sticky Computer Mobile

The little sticky mobile is a great gift for that geeky loved-one that you never know what to buy for - what makes a better gift than a little bit of handmade goodness!


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