Friday, August 14, 2009

Beach Retreat

Nothing charges the ol' batteries like a few days at the beach! Wow it was wonderful.

The warm sand between my toes... the smell of the salt water in the breeze... the sound of the waves lapping at the shore... the red-orange glow of the setting sun on the ocean... the taste of fresh seafood...

We had a great couple of days at the beach! We stayed at the Ester Lee in Lincoln City... and it was really quite nice! #4 was our unit, complete with incredible views from every window (and there were 7!) and a jacuzzi tub.
There was a great rock formation right outside our windows in the shoreline, we even had a private backyard area with chairs to sit and watch the sunset over the water. This was our view. We had fun checking out the tide-pools in the rocks in the morning. Lots of mussels and other barnacles. I took a zillion pictures
We went to the Pelican Brewery in Pacific City for a great dinner, I ate steamer clams that were prepared in beer instead of wine. They were great. Haystack Rock is so beautiful. There were a lot of people out trying to surf, a lot of people running up and down the big sand dune. We got to watch the Dory ships coming in from fishing for the day and getting dragged off the beach at Haystack Rock. Its neat to know that ships have been coming in and out of the ocean to fish at Haystack Rock for a very long time, the bay there provides safe access. I had fun with Tim making up myths to tell the story of this fantastic spot. I bet if I did a little research I could find the real Native American stories that go along with this land, I have no doubt there are some.
I brought along my orange Ukulele for some relaxing practice time. Here I am sitting in front of the windows in our pad at the Ester Lee. I recommend that place highly, it was really nice, affordable, private and spacious.
Oh and today for lunch we stopped in Rockaway (thanx Erin for the recommendation!) and had lunch at the Smokehouse - it was great! Completely local fresh seafood, with character - I like that!

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