Sunday, August 9, 2009

Portland Farmers Market

Today I went to the farmers market! To be specific I went to the Montavilla Farmers Market and it was super cute and packed with happy people and their families. All of us there to stock up on healthy goods to fill our bellies.
As we drove down Stark St to the market I notice a cute older couple walking down the street carrying a big bag of produce, greens bursting out the top... the man and woman each held one side of the bag, walking along together splitting the burden of the market booty. It was so cute! And I knew I must be close to the market :)
Its the peak time of year for the farm stands. There is so much to mention! The crunchy sweet juicey bi-colored corn...
the peaches that were so incredibly perfect (who doesn't like a taste test!!)
the cherry tomatoes in colors that I didn't even know had been introduced into the realm of cherry tomatoes (I grow the little orange sun gold, but purple? that is new to me, and utterly delicious!)we bought some delicious goat cheese and a loaf of bread (Tim also got some sort of cinnamony potato donut for himself at the bakery while I was purchasing a flat of black berries to make into jam) and some green zebra tomatoes that we sliced up and had for brunch... sooo tastey
and I made the most amazing market salad:
  • golden beets really thin (got to use my mandolin which sadly is a rarely used kitchen toy in my house)
  • onions shaved thinly as well
  • fresh basil (the bundle from the market was so huge! bigger than my plants I'm growing!) cherry tomatoes, both orange and purple :)
  • olive oil and vinegar, salt and pepper
and then later I made black berry jam with Maggie. We made jam and syrup... we had a LOT of berries!

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rosebud101 said...

Oh, Leah, that looks so good! Looks like your trip was bountiful!