Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ode to Garden Mobile

I feel like summer is rounding out... kids are going back to school... my tomatoes are all ripening getting eaten, my beans are almost done for the season. Its been so hot that a lot of my flowers are sorta tortured by now... soon I'll have to start planting more bulbs for next spring (I forgot to do that last year- so I've got a big box of bulbs I've got to plant this year - when is the right time?)

Jan and I have created a flower mobile that I had to share here on my blog.
The colors are reflective and shiny, the mobile is a garden of many different flowers that Jan has carved over the years. We've done a garden mobile before (which is exquisite!) but this is the first time we've printed the flowers in colors (the other garden mobile is monochromatic)
I like how the red pops, and I colored the stems of the flowers green. I was inspired by the Orchid plate that we made recently.
In these last two pictures I tried to capture how the color is vibrant and metallic.


Erin said...

beautiful Leah!

aimee said...

It's absolutely breathtaking in person!

rosebud101 said...

Gosh, Leah, I didn't think you could out do yourself, but you did with these mobiles! Great job!

Naomi said...