Thursday, August 20, 2009

Heat Wave #2

Sometimes I feel like I am playing catch-up (and not necessarily winning!).

It just seems insane sometimes... making... selling... shipping... making some more... realizing I'm out of certain things that I can't make more in time for the weekend... shipping some more... realizing I am shipping the last of my inventory of certain things... realizing I won't be able to make more till next week... making some more... selling some more...

I am going thru one of those weeks where I would like to complete AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. And then it got hot again. wtf

The Portland Saturday Market is having a big to-do this weekend. All the construction is finally finished and we will once again have a stage with music and a functioning water fountain and so forth... our advertising co-ordinator Reid has out-done himself with full page color ads in all the local papers, spots on TV and the radio, I feel like everywhere I turn there is an ad to tell people to come down to the PSM for our "grand opening" to celebrate the new site.
I am doing artist demonstrations on Saturday and I've recruited my assistant friend Aimee to come work the booth with me. I am hoping for huge crowds and (crossing my fingers) good sales! So this week has been all about production. Trying to make and package as much work as possible... the thought being if I am swamped with a zillion customers at least I will have work to sell them and hopefully I can make the best of this opportunity!

Unfortunately it got hot again this week. Fortunately it seems short lived and the temps are already headed back down. But the thermometer registered over 100 at my house yesturday and damn that is hot for Portland (didn't we already have a sufficient heat wave for one summer!!). This heat makes me a little loopy and less productive. I went to see Julie and Julia yesturday afternoon to break up the heat. It was great. Then I got back to working :)

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