Monday, August 3, 2009

My Orange Ukulele

Today I received some awesome mail - an orange Ukulele! Sweet eh?!

You may be wondering, "Leah do you play the Ukulele?" and the answer might be a big ol' No, but that doesn't make this instrument any less awesome :)

Last week I discovered this fun website and I was inspired to buy myself an Ukulele, and then when I found this little orange number the deal was sealed. I'm surprised it arrived so quickly! But honestly I am tired today and all I wanted to do was sit around in front of a fan... I should be working in the studio... I don't have to teach class tonight (phew - its way too hot!) and I just feel lazy with all this heat and long hours this past weekend... so the arrival of my new toy was perfect.

I twiddled away the hottest part of the afternoon learning a few chords and some beginner songs (why do all string instruments start with "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and "Happy Birthday"). Then I tackled "When I'm 64" with this great website that inspired the silliness in the first place.

Honestly. Sometimes I like to dwell and play in my randomness. Now my left finger tips are red and sore (and the fingernails had to be cut super short - ah memories - I learned to play the violin when I was young, and the piano and various other instruments, but the violin teacher always had to battle with me to keep my nails short, they grow so fast so I was always getting in trouble)

Oh and on the topic of stringed instruments... this weekend I picked up the most wonderful little bit of clothing for my tiny friend Orson. Orson's dad is a great musician, here they are (you can tell this little man is going to be a natural with a guitar):
And below is the onesie I found. My friend Karina made this wonderful onesie - its perfect for him! She vends at the PSM, I believe we met as fellow members of the Portland Craft Mafia. Karina also has an Etsy shop.

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rosebud101 said...

The onesie is adorable, and I love the orange ukelele