Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pictures of Glass Mobiles

I want to share pictures of some of the projects I've finished for this week...
This first mobile (its three pictures of the same mobile in the picture above) is a fun unique creation I made using a few pieces that I made a while back. The "circles within circles" look was something that I thought about doing so I experimented a little, it was a PITA so I simply put the experiments in a drawer and figured they'd come in handy. Sure enough, a friend from the Aquila Glass studio asked if I could make a unique wedding present for friends of hers and these discs came to mind. I paired them with some other bright colored circles and voila - I really like how it turned out. I knew they would be part of sweet mobile one day.

The next 3 pictures are of a different mobile. I thought it would be fun to show some of the photography I do for custom mobiles. This first picture simply shows what the wall looked like before I took the prints off the wall for the "white wall" photo-shoot. I took the picture because I liked how it looked :) The top print is a wonderful hand-illustrated panoramic, very quirky and extremely detailed, the middle print is a Portland bridge photo by Verone Flood and the bottom print is a piece done by my brother featuring our friend Alex DJing at a party from back when I was in college.
then the "white wall" photo (prints taken down)

and then this last shot is the discs used in the mobile


rosebud101 said...

I love your mobiles!

Erin said...

beautiful Leah! I love the circles within circles.

Leah said...

yeah I like the circles within the circles too... but I didn't like making them... and they each have flaws (the outer circles cracked when I removed the inner circle and even after kiln firing the crack leaves a scar) which makes them more adorable to some(handmade=imperfections), but simply just flawed to others. *sigh*

LaVern David Thompson said...

Beautiful work. Do you make the glass circles yourself?
LD Thompson