Friday, August 21, 2009

Fly Fishing in Oregon

Pictured is a mobile created in collaboration with Jan Christine - one of our LeJa creations.
Fish are swimming in the mobile, its gorgeous (if I say so myself).

My father is a fly-fisherman. He lives in NC and each Christmas when I am trying to think of a gift to send him other than some more glass art of mine (which is probably what he would prefer) I stumble upon a book on Amazon called "Fly Fishing in Oregon" and I think
"Oooh what a great gift for Dad, he could read and get tempted to visit and go fly fishing in Oregon". You see, NC and OR happen to be some of the best states for fly fishing, so I sent him the book. Evidently I did this 3 times.

3 times. The exact same book every time. Yep. Each time I have no recollection that I had already sent this "great gift" and finally I was informed and some of the books were returned. Sheesh. Each time I honestly thought it was the best idea ever!
Heres a picture of my Dad scopin' a good spot while on a hike in NC.

How I digress though, these fish in the mobile look like trout to me. Trout are the type of fish that my Dad catches (and releases - he simply likes the process). Jan outdid herself as usual with her carving skills. The reeds and bubbles make the mobile very 3 dimensional to me. I love it. Hope you do to.


rosebud101 said...

Love the mobile, Leah! It's wonderful. I've also done what you have by sending the same identical gift or by buying the same book for myself.

Leah said...

great minds think alike :)