Thursday, August 13, 2009

Headed Out to the Beach...

I am headed out to the beach for a quick mini vacation.

Its been a good week of lots of work, one class to teach, many pieces to make, a few big shipments to pack up, and today a whole lot of printing on glass. Phew. I am ready for a break. I've got a room booked at the beach, I am sure I will have lovely pictures when I return.
Today I had a nice walk home with Jan after printing, it was pouring rain when we got off the train at one point so we ducked into the Gothem tavern and had some snacks and drinks while the rain passed. I love the train tracks down by her studio on the waterfront. I believe they haul grain and whatnot from the big boats out on these tracks
I've been practicing on my Ukulele a lot. Its fun, sorta relaxing... I am trying to pick up some easy strumming rhythms while I learn some basic chords. Its a wonderful little orange instrument. Little Micah had fun playing it on Wednesday. We even got out my old Didgeridoo and played with that as well! Its been ages since I blew into that Didgeridoo (I made it 10 years ago when I was in Australia and it has so many stories attached to it of me hauling it around backpacking the 'land down under' and then FedExing it back to the states in a moment of sheer frustration and opportunity)

Anyhow, I digress - I am off to the beach and I'll be back to vend this weekend at the Portland Saturday Market!

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