Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Naito Legacy Fountain

The fountain at the Portland Saturday Market is finished! The site was completely open, no construction fences, just open spaces. We are celebrating the completion of this whole new site for the next two weekends!! This weekend: great bands and artist demos... Next weekend: vendor party!

Today was such a pleasure watching the little kids play. It got pretty hot out in the sun, so the babies were down to their soggy diapers, and they were the cutest site ever!!!

The Naito Legacy fountain is really beautiful and creative, it seems to circulate between a few different styles of spray/pool and the kids simply love it. Sometimes they can run thru a tunnel of water arcs, then these arcs get shorter and are the perfect height to get little 3-4yr olds right in the head so they squeal and dance with delight... then the fountain will fill and the kids can run around in 3 or 4 inches of water (the rest of the time its just a flat fountain with the squirting water)... this ever changing fountain is really fun. Its a total hit, completely crowded with squealing happy kids all day long. Here's a little video from earlier this week when the fountain was officially opened. I wish I could have been there for this ceremony!

Bill Naito Legacy Fountain

As a vendor at the Portland Saturday Market, I must say that I really do love our new home. I can't say THANK YOU loud enough! Its truly beautiful and I believe that it honors the artists that sell their work at the market, as well as the history behind the site, the people and the creative legacy of Portland Saturday Market. There is so much detail in the site and the work being done to the buildings in the area. Its really incredible to me to see the city honor its history. Old Town Portland is being graced with some serious positive changes, its great to have a front row seat!

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