Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Check Out My Beer Bottle Leaf Earings

I received the most wonderful earrings in the mail today. Brian of WesternArtGlass made these beautiful leaves out of a the glass bottle from this Italian beer (pictured is his DIL in some stunning ginko beerings). I love the way Brian creates leaves with his stained glass skillz. He makes mobiles too - we did a trade :)

These little bitty beer bottle leaf earrings are just delicious. Beerings :)

Here's another example of his earrings if you feel the need to own your own :)

Above is a photo of my new beerings. What is really neat to me is that it is a Moretti La Rossa beer, the beerrings have the "Moretti" brand pressing from the beer bottle glass. Makes me think its may be the same type of glass that I make beads out of, Moretti glass, as far as I know all Moretti glass is a COE of 104. Neat :)


autumncomfort said...

Leah, these are awesome. Right up my bottle recycling alley. There so pretty too and I love that they are called beerings. So cool!!

Brian Western said...

Hey Leah! thanks for compiling this neat expose on my poor man's slumping line of jewelry--noelle beerings! by the way (sorry)...you've been tagged...