Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Its not made of glass, its socks!

I made my first sock monkey today. How fabulous is he!!! His blue button nose is a glass button handmade by me, so I guess there is a little of my glass goodness going on here in this sock monkey!

Hes even got accessories :) A hat (made of the heel from a sock that was being made into a sock elephant) and a scarf made from the scraped fingers from glove animals (a dog and a rabbit made of striped gloves).

I had a lovely afternoon crafting away with friends - we made sock animals. Its always been a curiosity of mine to make my own sock monkey... now I've done it :)

Heres a pic of all the animals that were made, oh there is a birdy that is not in the picture... thanks for such a lovely afternoon ladies!!!


LeaKarts said...

So cute!

Auto Glass said...

well these pieces looks so cute.

Leah said...


wholesale socks said...

That is really tough to understand in the picture. lovely work.