Saturday, January 10, 2009

Photoshoot at Hoyt Arboretum

Yesterday I did a photo shoot with Rebecca of CatchlightsNW. She was ever-so-kind as to contact me and ask if she could take a few shots. I couldn't say NO! Take a look at her blog, she's got an amazing eye.We met up at the Hoyt Arboretum. Her idea was to take pictures of me doing yoga under my mobiles. I loved it! C'ept for the minor detail of having to be in the pictures with my mobiles! Eek. Nothing I can't swallow, its a fabulous offer and a great idea. I need more pictures of me with my work.
Rebecca was a pleasure to work with, completely casual and friendly. The sun came out for a bit and made the mobiles glow. People walking thru the Arboretum were commenting on how beautiful the mobiles looked and how great the lighting was. (we had planned on using the one day that the weather forecasted a bit o' sun). The hardest part was getting my silly body to do yoga on slippery leaves on a slopes and odd spots. It was too wet to do any on-the-ground poses and too slippery to hold great standing poses for very long. Ah well, I have a feeling Rebecca got quite a few good ones. She has a good touch like that. Of course I whipped out my point and shoot camera a few times to capture the moment. I like this one of Rebecca.
Heres a sneak peek she sent me last night after taking the pictures off her camera. Very nice.
My bangs piss me off though, I shouldn't have gotten them cut, they seem so short now and they are simply not behaving very well. Such is the life of bangs I guess. I shouldn't complain though, they look fine and I love my haircut, I am just adjusting.

ps. Thanks Rebecca!!!


Erin said...

You look gorgeous!!! I wish I could have a copy of this picture!

Leah said...

you are so sweet! and Rebecca is just that good!

Curly Girl Glass said...

namaste cutie!

LeaKarts said...

You are adorable! :)

gemz said...

Love this shot!