Friday, January 23, 2009

They Go Round and Round

I fixed this old spinner... this made me very happy so I thought I'd share. :)

I used to play with these motors as a kid. Hooking them up to Legos and computers and making creations come to life with very simple little programs in Basic. And my dad would use this kind of hobby motor to test batteries...

Playing around with this spinner and bringing it back to life, brought back old memories for me.

Its made of an old hobby motor and a few gears, simple enough... the wiring had just come loose, so even a new battery wouldn't make it work anymore. I took it apart and fiddled around and like magic it spins once again!!! (well, if you call magic getting the electrical wires to sit in the right place).

Now I have electronic spinning in my photo studio. Yes! No more tapping the mobiles or blowing on them to get them to dance for my photoshoots!

Now I have this hung in my photo studio so that I can simply hang a mobile from it (or at least smallish mobiles, my photo studio is just a tricked-out closest) and turn my camera to the "continuous picture" setting and hold down the trigger.

In moments I have a series of images that rock!