Thursday, January 29, 2009

This Cat is a Rat!

My brother's cat is a grazer (like a cow), at night she wanders the house looking for stuff to eat. If you leave out a plate she will lick it clean, if a piece of onion drops while you are chopping, she will eat it. I think she has forgotten she is a cat. I swear we don't have a rat in the house. :)

Here she is, Oleo the cat. She was sick Monday morning, bad #2 style sick. Nuf said. I felt for her (isn't she cute!), however, this only happens when she eats something that is not her cat food.

We've been wondering what she managed to find. I had just swept the kitchen floor and nothing was left out for her to find in the night and snack. It really was a mystery.

Until today, we found this roll tucked and hidden away in a corner under a chair. She must have stolen it (literally she removed it from a bag on the kitchen table and carried it away to hide) and has been munching on its stale nastiness. What a rat!

At least now I know what was wrong. I swear she is the weirdest cat! What cat likes wheat bread? Evidently Oleo does.


Curly Girl Glass said...

Poor lil Oleo! She has a very tiny brain and doesn't know eating bacon double cheezburgerz late at night will give her problems.

Amanda said...

Aw, poor baby!

Rupert is pretty weird in the food department too. He won't eat wet food until after I give him a handful of dry food, which he only gets after his twice-daily allergy pill. So he sits in the kitchen begging for pills, even when he's got fresh wet food in his bowl!

He also loves orange juice, apples, and whatever alcoholic beverage happens to be within his reach. I swear we don't feed him these things...

aimee said...

My dog Miko used to have very weird taste in food. He *loved* strawberries and oranges, corn on the cob, and "neptune salad" -- the fake crab salad they used to make at the food store back home.

maggie said...

My Cassady had Hawaiian sweet bread ONCE as a kitten, and has been trying to find it again ever since. Any bread bag left out where she can get to it will get ripped through and nibbled upon to see if it is that tasty treat. Funny thing is, we've never had it in the house again, and that cat is about nine years old now!