Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Making Candles Even More Fun!

Have you ever had a candle that had presents inside?!

You know, as it melted little treasures inside would become exposed and you can pluck them out... I remember getting some as a gift back in the 80's... the packaging included a little set of chopsticks to help procure the little gifts hidden inside the wax.

You can make these! (if you have candle making supplies and some borosilicate glass goodies on hand)

The borosilicate glass does not mind the temperatures of hot melted wax. So you can drop any kind of fun boro glass into the candle. These make for really fun gifts!

Here I've taken pictures of some small jars that I filled with wax...

I am also making some big candles in molds, but I thought these glass containers would show what is going on.

After pouring the wax, before it cools,

drop the little glass treasures into the candle.

If its a larger mold(not shown here in pictures), be sure to drop the objects close to the wick so that the recipient can get them out when the candle is burning. Also pour the candle in layers (1/3 at a time) to distribute goodies throughout the candle vertically.

Ideas of what to put in a candle:
Marbles, Pendants, Rings, LadyBugs, etc

if you are a lampworker that works in boro, just about any small creation will do!

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shopPOPKO said...

LADYBUGS????!!! Noooooo, not the real live lady bugs!