Monday, January 19, 2009

Give-Away: FREE Pendant

Who wants a free pendant!! Post a comment on this entry and get a chance to win this little beauty!

Its green and white and clear borosilicate glass - its about the size of a quarter. The lines of color swirl gracefully around this little pendant made by yours truely (ME!).

This week I am having a Torchworking Week - what does that mean? It means I am making a concerted effort to get behind the torch as much as possible and all my blog posts will be oriented around glass torchworking. Did you notice I even changed my banner in honor of this week? :)

So enjoy! heres a sneak preview of some of what I will be blogging about this week:
  • how torchworkers can personalize handmade candles
  • Wednesday I am teaching a class introducing Torchworking Borosilicate
  • next week my Cousteau Classics Beadmaking series is starting, so I will blog about that
  • and there will be a couple whimsicle surprises as well
stay tuned - especially you torchworking friends of mine - I hope this week will be full of fun reads!

and hey - this pendant could be yours! Winner will be chosen Jan 26th 2009


Frances said...

OK, I missed the last giveaway, but I'm the first to sign up for this one .... yeehaw! I love this idea and the cool green color.

Lisa said...

This is gorgeous! When I saw the first picture my immediate thought was "please let that be a pendant". I love the organic nature of it, I hope it gets to adorn my neck!

Thanks for offering it up. :O)

Kinman Studios said...

Oooo, pretty. I'll enter this drawing. :)

womens socks said...

Is that free really? how can I get some?