Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sneak Peak of Puddle Pattern

Yesterday I had breakfast at the Cup and Saucer here in Portland with my friend Jan. Finally I had a mobile to show her from the work we have been doing together. Her block prints on my glass pieces made into a mobile.

I had the "Mary Anne" for breakfast (egg sandwich with garden sausage on wheat toast) and I showed off some mobiles. Even the waitress had to come over and check out our handi-work! She proclaimed "I love mobiles!"

This new line of mobiles will be available for sale soon in my Etsy shop (as soon as I've processed the pictures I took... my new automated mobile spinner in my photo studio is awesome, however before I would take maybe 10 shots per mobile, now with my new technique I took 120, and they are all great!)

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autumncomfort said...

I love these Leah. They seem almost tribal. So awesome!!