Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Back from My Trip

Here I am sitting on the beautiful Clackamas River... playing my orange Ukulele. It was so nice to wake up to the sound of water flowing in this river and there were two blue jays playing in the trees around us. In the morning while Tim made tea and played with the campfire, I went down to the river and sat on the rocks and played with my Ukulele (there was also plenty of fire-side Ukulele time, but I have no picture of this) I can now play the Beatles song "Honey Pie" while singing along, sorta :)
Here's our campsite at Kingfisher, this is the closest camp to Bagby Hotsprings and it was really a little piece of heaven. We camped right on the river and it was quiet and private. We drove over to the Hotsprings parking lot late at night and hiked in the dark (this was a first for me - I knew they had candle holders in the tub rooms, but I'd never been there at night) and it was actually very nice. It was not scary and the people there were the same goofy crowd that goes during the day (I was apprehensive). In fact it was kinda crowded! We stayed till about midnight and then hiked back out. The one thing I didn't like about the night soaking was that it was harder to apreciate the amazing beauty of that hike when it was dark. Even with flashlights and a big bright moon it was still not as pretty as during the day.
Pancakes on the fire. They were spectacular (Bob's Red Mill 10 grain pancake mix)
I used to use that blue camping chair in my booth while vending my artwork... the cup holders in the arms are full of these weird little religious cards that this guy used to hand out on Sunday mornings. I would always just take them and stuff them in the cup holders. They are sorta weird, they have a little message on the front and then the cardboard is perforated and once torn open there is a saying on the inside and a scripture on the back of the flap... and a picture of a duck or a puppy and things like that. I just thought I'd throw in that little tid-bit of random info for all the fellow vendors of mine that might read my blog. Remember these little religious cards?!
This video is just me playing around with the camera... we had a lot of fun hiking the river, at one point Tim found a spot he could cross it and I caught it with my continuous-shot picture action :)


Erin said...

Looks like fun Leah! and yes, I remember the religious card guy... he was nice unless you said "no thank you" to a card.

rosebud101 said...

What a beautiful area! Glad you enjoyed your trip!